Integrated Solutions

Customized pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control assemblies

Take Control with Customized Integrated Solutions

Emerson offers customized pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control assemblies to integrate and manage a wide variety of configurations. We provide complete fluid automation solutions for process control and machine automation applications across industries.?

Over 127 years of experience and expertise in a variety of industries worldwide makes us uniquely qualified to be your partner in creating complete solutions to your unique application requirements.

Integrated Solutions Components


The Enclosure/Cabinet will house all of the control assemblies of your solution, such as communication and power. Enclosure options are stainless steel, aluminum iodized, composite or any other specified panel material, protecting the internals from the external aggressive environment The panel can have tamper-proof options such as key-lockable.

The 501 panel mount solution connects directly to eleminate custom machining and drilling, reducing potential air leaks and simplifying maintenance.


Provide electrical control in your panel with circuit breakers, fuses, terminal strips, din-rails, and jumpers. The panel can be pre-wired and tested. The appropriate Power Supply will be selected for your needs and will convert AC Voltage.?

A Control System can include PLC integration, third-party controllers, and I/O integration.


Many solutions in the Industrial Automation industry have moved to a ???????fieldbus-controlled solution. The Emerson ASCO G3 Electronic Fieldbus platform easily integrates communication interfaces to pneumatic valve manifolds with input/output (I/O) capabilities. This provides many options including fully fieldbus-networked valve manifolds. Fieldbus control could make an invaluable addition to your enclosure solution.


Diffent types of valves can be integrated with and controlled by your enclosure solution. These include fieldbus-controlled inline, manifold proportional, customizable air pilot and direct-acting valves.

For air preparation and quality, FRL panel mount kits maintain the environmental rating of the enclosure with ANSI/UL50, UL50E, NEMA, IP66 and IEC60529 certification. The FRL series offers a range of modular easy-to-assemble air preparation products with several filtration options.


The components of your panel solution may reside on various sub-plate assembly types, including stainless steel, aluminum iodized, composite, or any other specified panel material. Sizes may be standard or custom.

The tubing options that connect your system to your enclosure include NPT, push-to-connect, bulkhead, or Swagelok compression fittings. ?


Quick configuration and reduced downtime

See how a leading manufacturer for the food and beverage industry used Fieldbus Technology from Emerson to reduce downtime.

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