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Pneumatics – It’s That Easy

When OEMs and manufacturers need reliable pneumatics for industrial automation applications, they look to the extensive AVENTICS portfolio of cylinders, valves, air preparation and pressure regulators, engineered in Germany. With a compact design and low-maintenance technology to actuate machinery, AVENTICS pneumatics can be trusted to deliver steadfast and long-lasting operation even in the most demanding applications and environments.



Smart Pneumatics Improve Our Way of Working

AVENTICS pneumatics are ready for the fourth industrial revolution.

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News Release

IIoT-Enabled Flow Sensor Monitors Air Loss in Pneumatic Systems to Optimize Energy Usage

Emerson’s new Aventics AF2 flow sensor monitors air consumption, enabling rapid intervention in the event of leakage, preventing excessive cost...
Apr 2, 2019
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News Release

Pressure Sensor Enables Condition Monitoring to Reduce Costly Pneumatic System Losses

Emerson’s new IIoT-enabled Aventics PE5 pressure sensor alerts for excessive compressed air leaks, pressure drops and power supply issues before...
Apr 1, 2019
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News Release

New IIoT Tool Demonstrates Potential of Digitized Pneumatics

Emerson’s portable AVENTICS? Smart Pneumatics Analyzer can quickly hook up to a user’s machine to show benefits of data and analysis available...
May 29, 2019
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